Even voorstellen: Vumani Gwala

Nothing is sadder than knowing what you are capable of doing but never getting a chance to do it.

Vumani Gwala is a 29 year old, enthusiastic and very hard working South African. Born in a disadvantaged family in the semi rural areas of the then apartheidoppressed country, my childhood was very educational. Having participated in Chess competitions at the age of 8 and going onto represent the province of KwaZulu Natal at the biggest chess competitions in the country. Apart from chess I also represented the school at the leading Science and Mathematics Olympiads at the age of 11. Amoung some of my childhood highlights was also participating in national MATHS24 competition.

My childhood was also very athletic as well, I was part of the school soccer team and also won numerous running awards/trophies over the years.

For a few years I got used to growing up in a deprived household with no electricity and running water, my source of entertainment were books. We owned a few
encyclopedias and my personal favorite was the 15 Volume CHILDCRAFT published by WORLD BOOK INC. These books created years of reading and fun for me while growing up, and made me seem extra smart in class since I had all the answers to everything…

My disadvantage of having no electricity hence no TV made me focus more on reading and learning. I grew up then was offered a scholarship to attend a school anywhere in the northern hemisphere, but my parents could not afford the money for a trip to Johannesburg to do an initial interview, so I ended up not getting the scholarship, ended up staying here in South Africa, in the province of KwaZulu Natal, in a violence torn Mgababa village with no electricity nor running water. That was my only chance to escape this and come back and make something of myself and my family, but it slipped right past me.

Finished my high school went to college, financial issues struck me down again, so had to drop out, only to return a couple years later. I was studying electrical engineering.

I found work before I could finish and the situation at home forced me to take the work and drop out, then I realized just how much I didn’t like working with electricity. So I dropped out after saving money to buy my first computer.

The first computer I bought was a second hand Pentium II computer which I bought for R300. It was very slow but without it I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I worked in establishing an NGO called SINAWE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, the aim of this NGO was to digital and information divide between the rural children and urban children. The NGO has done amazing work over the years and has even produced a NEWSPAPER called EZASEXHOBHO NEWS.

I also started printing company called DM Printers which printed documents and went on to print tshirts and posters. The company grew to become DM MEDIA which now has a cording studio and an impressive list of RAW talented artists.

I also run a rehab centre which started in 2012, after the whoonga/nyaope outbreak, last year I was awarded the honourable Mayoral Award for Excellence for the work I do under the NGO. I have appeared on local and international radio and TV stations(BBC, aljazeera and Sky news) for the work I do on whoonga.

I am currently a secretary of the African National Congress Youth League.